Bomdila འབནུམ་འཕི༹་ལ།

Bomdila, the capital of West Kameng District, is the best-equipped town en route to Tawang. Spread over the southern face of the Bomdila Ridge, it marks the entry into the region of Himalayan or Tibetan Buddhism.

At the end of the ‘bazaar line’ stands the Lower Gompa or Thubchog Gatsel Ling (TGL), a beautiful two-storeyed monastery built in traditional Tibetan design, while high above the town, on the ridge, is the Upper Gompa or Gontse Gaden Rabgye Ling (GRL).

Gontse Gaden Rabgye Ling Monastery

Jambeyen Choekor in last day of 4th Monyul Monlam Chenmo, Yumchen Dolma Lhak (video):


Buddhist Culture Preservation Society, Bomdila.

Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies, Dahung དབུས་ཧི་མ་ལ་ཡའི་ལེགས་བྱང་མཐོ་རིམ་སློབ་གཉེར་ཁང་། དྭ་ཧུང་། (near Singchung), established as an aegis of Buddhist Culture Preservation Society, Bomdila.

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Bomdila to Tawang

The drive to Tawang is approximately 155 (190?) kilometres and requires roughly 6 hours.

The sumo for Tawang leaves at 5.30 am in the morning and you will reach Tawang by 2.00 pm.

Most of the travel from the plains is on a steep hill road journey, crossing Sela Pass ཟེ་ལ། at 4,176 metres, i.e. 13,700 feet.