Welcome to Bomdila
Locals enjoying a free lunch in front of the main hall of Bomdila Monastery
Morning in Dirang
Fortified houses of Dirang Dzong
Sela Pass: Welcome to Tawang
Tawang market gate (city centre)
Tawang street scene
Tawang Monastery
Main Hall of Tawang Monastery
Exhibits at the Tawang Monastery Museum: Traditional Chinese brocades
Exhibits at Tawang Monastery Museum: Chinese Emperor’s Dragon Robe
Tawang War Memorial: Tibetan stupa architecture
Urgelling Monastery: Birthplace and former residence of the Sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso
Great Stupa of Zemithang
Rupa Monastery
Itanagar: seat of the Arunachal Pradesh government
Traditional house of the Lhoba-Tagin people
Street view of a village
Village of the Lhoba-Galo people
Lhoba-Apatani woman
Apatani women participating in a festival rehearsal
Both men and women of the Lhoba-Adi tribe have short-cut hair
Interior view of a hut of the Lhoba-Adi tribe
Old woman of the Lhoba-Tagin tribe
Old Monpa woman in the market of Mechuka
Mechuka panorama
Monpa students in Mechuka
Indian soldiers laying steel plates on a landslide
Ancient bridge across the Brahmaputra near Yingkiong
Pasighat: Inner Line Checkpoint set up by the Indian Army
Pasighat, where the Brahmaputra exits from the mountains
Terraced fields near the Brahmaputra


Source: https://tawang.site/southern-tibet-roundtrip/