The Monpas

The Monpas of Zemithang are primarily Buddhists. The Pangchenpa sub-tribe has a striking similarity to their Bhutanese neighbours. The women are dressed in their attire known as Chinka, Tutung and Tangkima. Chinka is a sleeveless chemise, Tutung is a warm jacket and Tangkima is a layer of sheep wool to cover their back. The men are also dressed in their clothing known as Dorma. The black colour monpa caps are known as Oongchu and Duju monpa caps are made up of Yak hair with long tassels. The women folk prepare ghee out of Yak’s milk and make churpi. Churpi is a local hard cottage cheese. Monpas are rather very hardworking, friendly, warm, hospitable, honest and non-greedy people.

Red Panda in Pangchen Valley

Community Development

Black Necked Cranes, an endangered species, one of the high-altitude cranes are sighted in Zemithang, India besides China and Bhutan. Thus, WWF India officials along with the local community in Zemithang have developed campsites to sight the Black Necked Cranes. Muchat and Lumpu are campsites especially meant for enthusiasts or tourists who appreciate nature without any fuss. It is a very basic homestay. Muchat and  Lumpu are around 50 kms away from Zemithang. Khenzamani valley views and the mountains of China can be seen from Muchat as they are located on hill top.

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